Starting out at the Hilversum Conservatory in The Netherlands, studying jazz, piano & keyboards, I developed a long lasting love for film music.

I have nurtured this love until I started my intensive eduction at Berklee Music Institute in Boston. Finishing my Professional Certificate in Composing and Orchestrating for Film & TV gave me a solid understanding and practise in film scoring.

“Awesome sounding recordings, the compositions are really good, wonderful shifts in tone colour and orchestration, legitimate counterpoint between moving lines, all your music is top notch!”
Ben Newhouse, composer and professor at Berklee Online

Whenever I can, I will include live players as it will breath live into a piece and add an extra emotional layer to the music and to the project. I love orchestral writing, both classical as well as contemporary. Combined with electronic elements, percussion and sound design, I believe it is my ideal combination for film music.

My private studio in Zaandam has Genelec & KRK monitoring, I work on LogicProX, with high-end libraries by Spitfire, EastWest, Heavyocity and others, plug-ins by Waves, Izotope, AltiVerb and I have a recording option for single instruments. And great coffee, couldn’t live without it!

All pictures on this website by John Berrevoets, pictures on this page by Marloes van Doorn.

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